About Us

Eye Medical Center of Fresno is an award winning eye care practice in Fresno, CA that provides a full spectrum of medical and surgical eye care as well as a full scope of treatments regarding all conditions of the eye. We are here to preserve, enhance and improve the health of people’s eyes at all ages from pediatric through (and beyond) retirement.

Our Mission

To provide and promote exceptional primary eye care and excellence in ophthalmology for the Central Valley, CA.  To inspire trust and confidence through innovative and exemplary services, always with a personal caring attitude.

Practice History

Our first office was established in 1972 at 1122 “S” Street in downtown Fresno a few blocks away from Community Regional Medical Center followed by the second location in 1988 on Herndon Ave. The eye care practice was founded by Dr. Richard H. Whitten Sr, Dr. Burton R. James, Dr. Dwight H. Trowbridge, Dr. Frank A. Bertolucci, Dr. Frederick A. Richburg and Dr. Harry Grayman with the name of The Eye Medical Center of Fresno.

Dr. Whitten JR and Dr. George Bertolucci sons of a few of the founding members, continues the excellent, professional eye care that has been provided for over 75 years alongside our full staff of highly trained ophthalmologists and optometrists.

eye medical center of fresno, ca

Expect the Best

We take pride in providing a positive patient experience that surpasses expectations. Many patients express surprise when they visit us for the first time, both about the modern, high-tech equipment we use and the friendliness and welcoming demeanor of everyone at our eye clinics. Even though few patients wait for more than a couple of minutes for scheduled appointments, we’ve ensured that you’re relaxed and comfortable prior to seeing your eye doctor.



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