Keratoconus Treatment & Options

What Is Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a degenerative condition of the cornea which causes it to thin and bulge outward taking on more of a cone shape versus a dome shape. As the cornea bulges, the collagen tissue which gives the cornea its shape begins to stretch and ultimately scar. This unstable, thinner cornea leads to highly irregular astigmatism and ultimately very blurred vision not correctable by glasses or contacts.

Keratoconus Signs And Symptoms

Symptoms can vary so it is recommended that you consult with an eye specialist who can assess and diagnose the condition. Some signs of Keratoconus may include:

  • Constant and regularly changing refractive errors with increasing astigmatism
  • Blurry vision that is not correctable with glasses or contact lenses
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Halos around lights and ghosting (especially at night)
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches and general eye pain
  • Eye irritation, excessive eye rubbing

Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL) Surgery

At Eye Medical Center of Fresno, Dr. Mehdi Ghajar is our expert cornea specialist offering Corneal Cross linking, the latest innovation and treatment for this disease. Corneal Cross linking is a new standard of care for progressive Keratoconus. It combines the use of a patented riboflavin formulation called   Photrexa & Photrexa Viscous and UVA light from the iLinks KXL System to create new collagen cross-links which leads to stiffening of the cornea to prevent further progression of the condition and preserves vision. Dr. Ghajar has treated many patients with cross linking from the Central Valley with great success since 2017.  Despite being a corneal transplant specialist, Dr. Ghajar’s ultimate goal is to preserve the patient’s own cornea and prevent the need for transplantation. His passion is better vision for his patients and offering the least invasive procedures to obtain that.  Dr. Ghajar was recently featured on ABC30 educating the public about keratoconus and its treatment.  At Eye Medical Center, we currently have the only FDA approved corneal cross linking system, the iLinks unit, about which you can learn more at

The "cone shaped cornea" that is characteristic of keratoconus.

Mehdi Ghajar, M.D.

Fellowship Trained in Corneal Refractive Surgery



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