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Getting regular eye exams is an important part of your overall health care, but many men and women overlook scheduling vision care checkups with an ophthalmologist. With 2 offices in Fresno, The Eye Medical Center of Fresno offers convenient access to experienced, board-certified eye doctors.

Elements of Primary Vision Care

Quality eye care involves more than a quick exam. Primary vision care can detect eye diseases at an early stage, identify patients who may be susceptible to vision problems as they get older, and even uncover undiagnosed illnesses that aren’t directly related to vision. Primary vision care involves:

  • Educating patients about maintaining and promoting healthy visioneye exams fresno
  • A comprehensive vision exam
  • Screening for eye diseases or conditions without symptoms
  • Performing refractive tests to determine if a patient needs prescription lenses
  • Creating a treatment plan to treat eye conditions or diseases
  • Determining if specialized care is necessary
  • Performing cataract or another eye surgery if needed

Specific eye care needs vary depending on the age of the patient. Children younger than 5 should be screened for common childhood problems. As patients age, we recommend increasing the frequency of routine eye checks. Between ages 40 and 65, a person should schedule eye exams every 2 to 4 years. After turning 65, a person should come in once a year to get their eyes checked.

Ophthalmologist or Optometrist?

Both types of eye doctors can play an important role in your vision care. The board-certified ophthalmologists at our practice have undergone extensive training in all aspects of eye health and focus on the medical and surgical aspects of vision care. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (M.D.s) who complete specialized training after getting their medical degrees.

An optometrist (O.D.) provides primary eye care and can examine, diagnose, treat, and manage eye diseases and conditions. Optometrists cannot perform surgery, but they do work with ophthalmologists to provide patients with optimal care.

Your Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams for adult patients involve a series of evaluations made by your eye doctor and typically take about 45 minutes to an hour. Before the exam begins, the doctor or another member of the team asks about your medical history, your history of vision care, and if you have any current vision concerns.

To learn more about cataracts and your treatment options, request an appointment using our online form, or call our office at (559) 486-5000 to schedule an appointment at one of our 2 locations.