Our Commitment to Creek Fire Victims

Our thoughts are with those who suffered a loss as a result of the recent Creek Fires. The loss of life and property in the communities hit by these fires is heartbreaking.

In an effort to assist victims of these devastating fires, the Eye Medical Center of Fresno will be offering victims of the Creek Fire:

    • Free eyeglass frames
    • Free lens (Single/Bifocals)
    • Free eyeglass prescription check

To redeem your offer*, contact us below.

(559) 547-1580 | 8am-5pm

*Offer requirements
Proof of address (such as a driver’s license or DMV ID card) will be required for home-owners. For fire fighters, proof of active fire fighter status.

Additional details
Lens options available: Single vision near, single vision distance and lined bifocals. Additional lens upgrades available at cost.

Offer limited to 150 glasses. First come, first serve. 
Physicians at Eye Medical Center of Fresno
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